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When you are accused of a crime or need help with family law, don’t try to handle your legal problems alone. Get help from a lawyer you can trust, who has experience with cases like yours.

At the Mobile, Alabama, law office of Ronald “Chip” Herrington, Attorney at Law, LLC, we help people through tough times to reach the best results in a wide variety of issues. Our skilled attorney has more than 25 years of experience and is licensed in Alabama and Mississippi.

Family Law And Criminal Defense

When you have been accused of a crime, you have the right to a defense. Police and prosecutors are highly motivated to win a conviction against you, and they have the skills and the resources to make it very difficult for you. With our experience and commitment to our clients, we work hard and effectively to defend our clients’ rights and protect their freedom.

We treat you with respect and compassion, give you honest advice and help you reach the best results you can.

It can be terribly emotional experience to go through divorce, a child custody dispute or other issues in family law. Still, these issues have the potential to permanently damage your finances and your personal life if you don’t handle them carefully. We help you understand your options, and then work with you to develop a plan to get you closer to your legal, financial and personal goals.

For Experienced Help

If you need an experienced lawyer for help with criminal defense or family law, call Ronald “Chip” Herrington, Attorney at Law, LLC, today at 251-288-5638. You can also reach us online to schedule an appointment and begin learning about your legal options.

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