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The top 3 reasons to have a lawyer in family law and divorce cases

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2021 | Divorce |

We currently live in a do-it-yourself (DIY) era. Most people think that they can perform a Google search or watch a YouTube video and find out how to do just about anything. They tend to maintain that same mentality when approaching divorce or other family law proceedings.

Your choice to pursue that course of action isn’t likely to net you the results you’re hoping for. There are many reasons why it’s beneficial to let an attorney handle such matters instead.

Here are three good reasons to have an experienced lawyer in your corner for a family law or divorce case:

The law is complicated

One of the reasons law school lasts three years is that it takes time for students to master the legal jargon used in drafting statutes and court opinions or rulings on them. You may understand the words on the page, but do you comprehend the concept that’s being conveyed? Do you know how it relates to other laws or the implications of making certain choices? The bottom line is that laws aren’t easy to interpret. An attorney’s insight is invaluable in this respect.

There’s a history of violence in your relationship

Whether you have previously been subjected to domestic violence at your spouse’s or co-parent’s hands, or threats have increased since your split, you’ll want to align yourself with an attorney in resolving your case. One reason that you should do this is to ensure your safety. Another is because you’re likely to need additional support that other divorce or co-parenting clients may not need, including help in filing for a restraining order and getting permission to take funds from a joint account to pay for a new residential situation.

Attorneys know how to negotiate

Reaching an agreement with your ex over property division, child support, custody and other matters takes reaching a compromise (unless you’re looking for a judge to make such decisions for you). You’re breaking up for a reason, and it’s perhaps due to your inability to see eye-to-eye on things. Adding a third party into the mix often brings a new perspective and aids in identifying areas where you might share common ground necessary to reach a resolution so that you can move forward.

There are countless other reasons why it’s beneficial to have an attorney represent you in a divorce or other family law matter. Don’t make the mistake of going at it alone. You may not be able to clean up the mess that results if you do.