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5 compelling reasons to hire a criminal defense attorney

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

When the police arrest you and the courts charge you with a crime, you have the right to defend yourself. In theory, you can represent yourself if you want to fight back against the charges, but doing so might put you at a disadvantage.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney could improve your chances of defeating those charges and moving on with your life. What are some of the reasons that an attorney is crucial for those facing criminal charges?

The court system has its own special language

The common ways people use certain words don’t necessarily align with the legal meaning of those words or certain terms. Rather than needing to memorize an entire glossary of jargon, it can be much simpler to have an attorney interpret language for you.

Learning the law takes years

It isn’t just Alabama criminal code that determines what happens during your trial. Legal precedent from similar cases will also play a role in how the courts handle your case, the penalties you face and even what evidence they consider admissible. Hiring a lawyer means you have an educated professional in your corner who knows both state law and the relevant court precedent.

Mistakes in the courtroom will affect your success

Do you understand what procedural limitations exist in the courtroom? Do you understand when a prosecutor can make certain statements, and when their conduct might violate your rights or impact your case?

Lack of familiarity with the rules for criminal court proceedings can lead to costly mistakes. You might fail to object when the prosecutor makes their own assertions while questioning a witness, for example. Those little issues can add up to a conviction in some cases.

It is hard to stay calm when your future is at risk

Even if you learn about court proceedings and memorize the relevant legal code and jargon, you will still be at a disadvantage attempting to represent yourself. Your emotions, ranging from fear to anger, could impact the decisions you make in court. Displaying those emotions or having an outburst could directly impact the success of your defense. 

You likely can’t devote your entire life to your defense

To successfully represent yourself in court, you would likely need to dedicate months of your time to prepare. All of that studying and preparing could impact your health and your professional success. When you bring in an attorney, you have someone else managing the whole process so that you don’t have to worry so much about your future.

Partnering with the right criminal defense attorney will improve your chances of fighting your pending criminal charges successfully and reduce how stressful the process is for you.