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2 trends impacting divorces in Alabama right now

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce is a social issue that affects people everywhere, but it is of particular concern in Alabama. Overall, Alabama has higher divorce rates than much of the rest of the country.

Researchers regularly assess national and statewide divorce trends, from which counties see the most divorces to the personal demographics of those filing for divorce each year. For example, the United States Census Bureau uncovered the fact that those living in North Alabama are more likely to get married and stay married than others throughout the state.

Looking at data about who gets married and who stays married can help guide better social programs and community development. There are two divorce trends in particular that could affect policy and social life in Alabama in the near future.

More people in Alabama decide to divorce

When compared with the rest of the country, Alabama has a higher divorce rate than most other states. The state has the 16th highest rate of divorce which is almost 1.5% higher than the divorce rate across the nation as a whole.

Some counties had much higher divorce rates than others, but the state overall sees more divorces than many others.

Older adults are the ones calling it quits

When couples near or past the age of retirement divorce after years of marriage, people call it gray divorce. Such divorces can be particularly difficult to manage, as couples may have limited income and many shared assets.

Couples near the age of retirement or already out of the workforce currently divorce at higher rates than younger couples in much of the United States. In fact, the divorce rate for older adults has more than doubled in the last few decades, even while divorce rates in other age groups remained steady or declined.

Alabama divorces create unique challenges

Every person facing divorce has unique issues that concern them. For older adults in Alabama, retirement accounts, Social Security benefits, spousal support and other financial matters are likely at the top of the list of serious issues people want to address as soon as possible. Younger couples may worry about child custody and support issues.

Learning more about Alabama divorce trends and the laws that apply at the end of a marriage can benefit those who are preparing for marital dissolution in Alabama. Seeking legal guidance can be beneficial as well.